Calvin's Challenge

May 4, 2013

 Rider Team Place Field
Cap City Cross 
Masters 50+ 
  Ed Miner: 1st, Masters 50+
Ed Miner
I did the six hour race at Calvin's. I was a little surprised that there was a breakaway about 10 or 15 minutes in. Six or seven people took off and tried to get a gap. The key to this race is staying in a fast group, so I chased 'em down and got into the break. After things sorted out, the group got organized pretty well and kept a brisk pace into South Solon. Short pulls, consistent pace, solid riders. Then about 200 yards after crossing the train tracks in South Solon, I flatted. So, I lost the group and rode the next 25-30 miles alone. Fortunately, I had lots of tailwind. After riding the big 50 mile loop, I settled in to riding multiple laps on the seven mile loop. I eventually caught on to another group that was moving pretty well. It was not well organized, though and did not hold together. I spent the last 20 or so miles riding alone or in small groups. I managed an official distance of 119.5 miles. That was a little disappointing as without the flat, I had a shot at first or second overall and an age-group record. But still, fourth overall, won my age group and had a nice nap when I got home.